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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum number of participants for each university and team?

There is no limit for the number of participants for each university. You can apply to Sports Fest with all of your teams if you like. However due to the limited rooms and beds, it’s very important to respect the application and payment deadlines while completing your registration.

2. What is the best date to come and leave İstanbul?

The accommodation that we provide you is for the festival dates. So it is best to come respecting these dates. However you can come earlier or leave later if you like. In this case, you should contact with Sports Committee and let us know about your arrival or departure dates so that we can help you to arrange accommodation for those extra nights.

3. What is included in the participation fee exactly?

Included in the registration fee;​

  1. Accommodation at hostel, hotel, or premium hotel for 4 nights, at gym for 5 nights.

  2. Transportation from the airport to Bogazici University.

  3. Breakfast and lunch at Campus and fields.

  4. Hot and cold drinks during tournaments.

  5. Entry to all parties and concerts of Sports Fest.

  6. Shuttle buses between the university campuses and and accommodation places, also between the university campuses and party/ concert locations(NOT INCLUDED IN OWN PACKAGE).

  7. As well as other various activities and animations during the week.


Not included in the registration fee;

  1. Drinks at parties and concerts.

  2. Transportation from your country to and from Turkey.

4. Is transportation to and from Istanbul included in the participation fee?

All participants are kindly requested to afford their transportation to and from Istanbul.

5.Is there bathrooms and changing cabins in GYM fo the participants, who prefers the GYM Pack?

If you prefer staying in  gym, there will be bathrooms and changing cabins. There will be also limited lockers for officials of the teams.

6. How is it possible to contact with the organisation team?

You can easily contact with Sports Fest team about any issue by sending an email to

We will be glad to answer any questions and provide you information you need.

7. Is it going to be any guidance for us in Istanbul?

For each university team, head guides and guides will be assigned before the beginning of the Sports Fest.

We start to work with our guides and head guides from the beginning of the year and train them about any information you might need during İstanbul. We also share the contact information and transportation details with them as the Sports Fest comes closer.

They will be ready to pick you up from airport, holding a sign with your university's name on it.

8. Will athletics therapy / medical staff be available during the competitions or are we expected to bring our own staff?

Bogaziçi University has a medical center in the south campus which is appropriate for emergency issues. We will also be providing you an ambulance in case a big injury happens.

     The costs in other hospitals than Boğaziçi University medical center are paid by the participant himself/herself.  Therefore we advice our participants to make a travel and health assurance to avoid costs of hospitals in case of a serious injury.

9. What should I bring if I'm staying at the Gym?

    You should bring basic personal care products such as shampoo, toothpaste, etc. Towel and slippers will be really useful too. Although it is not necessary, we would also recommend bringing a sleeping bag since the Gym can be a little cold at night.

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